Analyst RFI Portals: The Gift That Keeps on Taking 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 | 11am ET / 4pm UK


Gartner and other analyst firms are shifting the vendor data collection from spreadsheet, presentations and documents to structured Web portals. Ostensibly meant to streamline and standardize the data collection process, the result is an upheaval in your response process, the detail and perspective you can provide and ultimately the predictability of your MQ or Wave dot position. 
In this webinar we examine the impacts, how you get ready and the changes in analyst engagement best practices. 

As a team of former senior analysts, with over 100 years of experience at Gartner, and as advisors since 2009, we have witnessed how improved assessment engagement and results have helped those businesses to achieve accelerated growth and significant new account wins.

Through this 30 minute webinar, we will discuss:

  • What are analyst RFI portals and where are we seeing them? 
  • How portals may negatively impact your process, collaboration in preparing responses and quality of responses.  
  • The impact of the possibility that RFI portals updates become a continuous process and the response details are published by analyst firms as selection guides 
  • Revising your engagements processes, participation and timing to optimize analyst engagement.  
There will be time at the end of the session for any questions you have. 

Join our senior analysts, Jeff Comport and Dave Cappuccio, to find out more.

Featured Presenters

Jeff Comport

Senior Analyst, The Skills Connection

Jeff has over 30 years’ experience both as an analyst and working for technology vendors. During his 15 years as a Distinguished Gartner Analyst, Jeff was a member of the Gartner Research Council and founded several services and Magic Quadrants. He has also worked as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Lawson Software, where he was responsible for product strategy, marketing, product management, pricing, public relations and analyst relations.

Dave Cappuccio

Senior Analyst, The Skills Connection

Dave Cappuccio has a lifetime of experience in all aspects of IT, from data center design and management to virtualization, cloud, and edge strategies. As a manager, he has held full P&L responsibility for business units with revenues of $600m and headcounts of up to 2000. In 30 years with Gartner, Dave led many different teams, covering everything from appdev and knowledge management to data centers and networking, and was the creator and chairman of Gartner’s Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies conferences.

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